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Lower Back

Most people have had an episode of non-specific lower back pain. Although it is true that some causes of discomfort is benign a simple strain, it's never a good idea to ignore a pain that is persistent.

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ribcage & individual ribs

Ribs and ribcage are interesting structures, under a constant load of breathing and many activities (eg: surfing, tennis) demand mobility of the thoracic spine and diaphragmatic breathing to function correctly.

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Image by Adrian "Rosco" Stef


There is much misinformation about what true sciatica nerve pain is. We often call a pain that runs our leg sciatica and it's partially true that this could mean compression of the nerve, however many other conditions could cause a similar sensation. 

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Still in creative flow and research, but you have a hernia see a doctor. I can help with rehab and op preparation.

Image by Jannes Jacobs
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