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Who am I

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Those who know you can tell you I have boundless enthusiasm for almost everything. Thanks to my dad and a choice of 2 very boring TV channels that communist Poland had to offer. I grew up camping, skiing, sailing, hiking, mountain biking, playing tennis, swimming, ice-skating, climbing trees, running (mainly away from garden owners I was stealing raspberries from in summer), the list just goes on. Movement has been a massive part of my upbringing.

I caught on to spirituality relatively quickly. In my teens I was hungry for knowledge and I sensed my spirit was carried on ancient winds. And as always life delivers what one craves, I found a yoga book and later on a few friends who were Buddhist. This was my pack, we meditated and debated. And I'm a nerd, so I love reading and have insatiable appetite for knowledge, so this environment suited me very well. But I'm also rebellious, so even though I was studying marketing and management, all I wanted to do was to travel and explore. And so I did.

Ultimately I ended up in a land of vegemite and eternal sunshine and sadly in a corporate job after I finished my MBA. And I was miserable, for many years, I was searching, changing jobs, stalling and finding relief in all the wrong places. And yoga was there, and so were all other unexplored passions. I was scared to be honest with myself and allow myself to be lead in the dance of life.

Years ticked, kids happened and somewhere between nappies and sleepless nights, my lower mind got euthanized and i got the courage to take a chance. In 2012 I set my first steps in the direction of yoga, pilates and meditation. This quickly to morphed from passion to life's purpose. And I love it, I knew from when I was 15 that this was it. It took a whole 35 years to finally listen to my inner voice.

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