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At Life Iz Motion we believe in treating the whole body rather than treating an injury or medical issue in isolation. That’s why I offer an extensive range of services to help improve your movement and function. 

The point of difference is accountability -  We will identify your goals and agree on a clear path to achieving what's most important to you. You will walk out with a personalized program and accountability calls scheduled to make sure rehab is done and progress.

Standard therapy sessions might include orthopedic and/or neural testing, trigger point therapy, dry needling, joint and spine mobilization, deep tissue work, muscle energy techniques, exercises and education.

If a relaxation massage you are after, my warm towel service and slow soothing touch will send you into bliss. Please book an appropriate service so I can meet you where you need. 


Massage Therapy

Intuitive touch where you need it most, working out tiredness and tightness so you can feel replenished and hydrated from within.

Relaxation massage

Preventative massage

Pregnancy massage


Yoga / Pilates / Functional Patterns

Range of movement options that will restore flexibility and dynamic strength. Help you with touching toes or invert you into your handstand or simply get you connected and thriving 


Myotherapy / Remedial Massage

Expert view on injury origin and prevention.  Expect Trigger Point work, Deep tissue, Dry needling, Electro-needling, joint, and spine mobilization as well as a rehabilitation program. We will focus usually on 1 to 2 areas.


Reconnective Therapy

I believe that when the body and mind are in balance healing can take place. Reconnective therapy is a combination of touch, breath, and taking time to listen and clear away stagnation.

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