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What to expect

Have you ever been to a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor where they didn't really listen to you, the appointment was rushed, you committed to coming with no end in sight or clear plan, were given exercises but haven't been bothered to do them or you walked out feeling now you need a massage and tissue work?


Myotherapists are the bridge!

We complete a 3-year degree that solely focuses on treating sports and neural issues. We mobilize, tape, dry needle, massage, trigger point, and rehab. 

I also teach relaxation, yoga, pilates, breathing, realignment, correcting posture, and help with sport-specific conditioning. 

If you just want to relax and not fix anything, my warm towel service and soothing slow touch will send you into a cloud of bliss.

If you are coming with an issue, expect to have:


- a range of orthopedic tests,

- neural tests if applicable,

- will agree on the treatment frequency,

- I treat selected parts of the body or the whole of you,

- we will have corrective exercises at the end

- we will also pick times for you to do them, involve family & friends,

- we will schedule follow-up calls,

- and give you a written program to follow. 

- you will wake up with clarity and purpose


What it all means

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